Spring 2023 Newsletter 春季通訊

Spring 2023 春季通訊

Dear CIOML students,

Happy new year!

The Spring term begins next week. Survey of Christian History offered by Dr. Terry Fung of Truth Theological Seminary will hold its first lesson next Thursday, January 12. Please enroll inside the CIOML Moodle online campus (https://cioml.moodlecloud.com/) if you are interested.

The Introduction to Biblical Greek 2 will have its first lesson on Monday, January 30.  Greek 1 offered last term is the pre-requisite.

A leadership experience course based on the IMB Mission College training conference will be offered in February. This conference will meet for Thursday to Saturday on 2/23 to 2/25 at Gateway Seminary main campus in Ontario, CA.  CIOML students can earn credits by attending the conference. More information about the IMB Mission College is found here.

Crosspoint is partnering with SOW to organize a Holy Land Tour. CIOML students will also be able to earn credits by joining the tour. More information about the Holy Land Tour is found here. Preferred enrollment for Crosspoint members (including CIOML students) will run through January. Beginning February, the tour will be open to all.

In Christ,

Pastor Gideon Lee


春季學期下星期就開始。由真道神學院馮嘉樂博士教授的基督教歷史縱覽將在1月12日(下星期四)開始。如果有興趣參加,請在CIOML 的Moodle校園裏(https://cioml.moodlecloud.com/)報名。

聖經希臘文入門II 將于1月30日(星期一)開始。上學期開設的聖經希臘文入門I是先修課程。

基于IMB宣教學院(IMB Mission College)培訓會議的課程將在2月開設。該培訓會議將于2月23至25日(星期四至星期六)在加州Ontario市金門神學院總部舉行。 CIOML學員參加這次培訓會議可以獲得ADVANCE學分。關于IMB Mission College的詳情,請看這裡