CLE 2371 Making Disciples 建立門徒 (Summer 2023)


CLE2371 Making Disciples – 3 Hours

Cantonese Chinese

Summer 2023

Tuesdays 5/30-8/15 7:30-10PM and 15 hours of online learning

Crosspoint Institute of Ministry Leadership

Instructor: Gideon Lee


This course explores the process of spiritual development as well as methods of discipleship practiced in the church. Students will examine the biblical backgrounds of discipleship and the role of spiritual disciplines, community, development of spiritual gifts, and accountability in spiritual growth.


  1. Students will demonstrate understanding of the biblical mandate and models for discipleship
  2. Students will be able to articulate how people grow in faith and practice in Christian life.
  3. Students will be able to apply the development of spiritual disciplines to the life of a believer.
  4. Students will demonstrate their ability to plan and design church practice for the development of discipleship.
  5. Students will be able to practice every day relational disciple making skills.