CLS 1412 Introduction to Biblical Greek 2 (Spring 2023)

ADVANCE Ministry Preparation

Sponsored by Gateway Seminary

CLS 1412 Introduction to Biblical Greek II – 3 Hours

Spring 2023

Cantonese/English-based Instruction

Monday 7:30-9:30PM PST Zoom-based Class Meeting

1/30/2023-5/15/2022 (15 sessions)

10 hours of additional online video/interactive learning

Crosspoint Institute of Ministry Leadership (

Dr. Gideon Lee

This class ordinarily meets for fifteen weeks for periods of two hours and fifty minutes including two 10-minute breaks. However, centers can choose to schedule this classes and times that work best for your ministry context as long as you meet the 45 hours of seat time required for this course.


Part two of a two-semester introduction to the Koine Greek language designed to develop reading ability and to serve as a foundation for exegetical study of the Greek New Testament. The second semester focuses on advancing the students’ facility with the language toward more knowledgeable translation and exegesis as preparation for further study and ministerial practice.


Upon the successful completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Read and translate Greek sentences with reasonable fluency.
  2. Understand and demonstrate knowledge beyond basic Greek grammar.
  3. Understand basic principles of syntax in readiness for third semester exegesis.
  4. Demonstrate mastery of basic Greek vocabulary.
  5. Appreciate the need for ongoing study of the Greek New Testament.