CLL 1111 Survey of Christian History (Spring 2023)

ADVANCE Ministry Preparation

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CLL 1111 Survey of Christian History – 3 Hours

Spring 2023

Thursday class: 7:30-10pm (Pacific time)  

週四班:晚上 7:30-10(太平洋時間)

Meeting on Zoom 1/12/2023-4/6/2023 (12 sessions)

15 hours of online video and exercises 15 小時在線視頻和練習

Crosspoint Institute of Ministry Leadership (

Instructor: Dr Terry Fung 教授: 馮嘉樂牧師 Email 電郵


This course presents an overview of the history of Christianity from Patristic period to the current age of Global Christianity with the purpose of providing insights into the past that will enhance the student’s growth in ministry leadership in the present and future.



Upon the successful completion of this course, students should be better able to: 成功完成本課程後,學生應該能夠更好地:

  1. Describe and explain basic events related to the general progression of the history of Christianity from its beginnings to the present. 描述和解釋與基督教歷史從開始到現在的總體發展有關的基本事件。
  • Give evidence of an understanding of the “Believers’ Church” tradition against the background of the historical development of various doctrines of the church throughout Christian history.  在整個基督教歷史中教會各種教義的歷史發展背景下,提供對“信徒教會”傳統的理解的證據。
  • Cite and discuss leadership qualities and characteristics evidenced in significant Christian leaders of the past. 列舉和討論過去重要的基督徒領袖所表現出的領導品質和特徵。
  • Appreciate the values and contributions of one’s own Christian tradition as well as those of other Christian groups and denominations. 欣賞基督教傳統以及其他基督教團體和教派的價值觀和貢獻。
  • Function as a minister-leader-historian in interpreting for others insights from this period of the history of Christianity. 作為牧師-領袖-歷史學家,為他人解釋這一時期基督教歷史的見解。

These objectives will be measured by class discussion, written exams, and research and writing. 這些目標將通過課堂討論、筆試、研究和寫作來衡量。