Fall 2022 News

Dear CIOML students,

It will be September next week. The Fall term courses will begin in the next few weeks at CIOML. Here I’d like to share with you some of our exciting new developments.

First, we are offering two new subject areas, Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew. We have re-arranged the weekly course schedule to make it easier for students to complete a certificate or diploma in a subject area by setting aside just one evening each week. For example, most of the biblical language courses will be offered on Mondays. And to meet a broader need, biblical language courses will be taught in English. The course offering plan can be found here.

Second, while we are committed to make theological education affordable, we need to raise our tuition by 20% to cover the increase of underlying administrative and technological expenses.  But to help deflate the cost, especially textbooks, we are recommending two cost-saving services offered by Perlego and Zondervan Academic.  Please read about them here.

I give thanks to the Lord for putting the desire in you to grow in biblical knowledge and ministry skills. I hope to see you in one of our classes soon!


Pastor Gideon Lee





第二,雖然使神學教育變得便宜是我們的目標,但從今年秋季學期開始學費將提高20%,以應付行政和技術費用支出的增加。為了幫助同學降低支出,特別是教科書,我們推薦Perlego和Zondervan Academic提供的兩項服務。 在此處可以了解有關新學費和服務推薦的信息