Partner News: 美國加州浸信會金門神學院 (Gateway Seminary)中英雙語所神學必備碩士 CEB Master of Theological Essentials (MTE)

美國加州浸信會金門神學院 (Gateway Seminary), 中英雙語所 (CEB, Chinese-English Bilingual Program), 主旨在提供國際化的高規格神學教育, 塑造普世華人浸信會/教會的頂尖領袖。

Description 概述

The M.T.E. is intended to provide core theological training, primarily for lay ministry leaders or ministry leaders receiving vocational training in a church setting or in another academic setting. The degree meets the expressed needs of churches and students requesting a “shorter” degree similar in size to traditional master’s degrees in other disciplines, and focused on core biblical and theological training commonly included in an M.Div. degree, but often unavailable in church-based vocational ministry training. As a result, the M.T.E. includes the established Gateway theological core (24 hrs.), Introduction to Ministry Formation, Theological Field Education, and Reflection on Ministry Formation (6 hrs.), and three courses focused on biblical/theological foundations.

Fulfilling degree requirements in a timely fashion may require completing some coursework through Remote or the Online Campus. An Advanced Track option is available for the M.T.E. which may reduce the number of hours required. See the Advanced Track page in this catalog for details.

中英雙語所 (CEB) 的神學必備碩士 (MTE, Master of Theological Essentials), 主旨是為在教會或其他學術單位的平信徒領袖, 提供核心神學裝備, 滿足教會和學生對較短學位的需求, 著重道學碩士M.Div.程度的基礎聖經和神學訓練, 卻是教會無法提供的內容, 包括神學核心課程 (24學分), 事奉領導課程 (6學分), 及三門聖經神學課程。課程設計每學期兩門課, 加上冬季夏季密集班, 三年完成學位。

通過遠程同步修習一些課程, 可及時完成學位滿足要求。M.T.E. 提供了進階學程選項, 這可能會減少所需的學分, 相關詳細信息,請參見此目錄中的進階學程頁面Advance Track page。

Degree Objectives 學位目標 

The following M.T.E. degree objectives provide a broad statement of educational objectives central to the program. Each degree objective includes a parenthetical list of courses required in the M.T.E. curriculum. For each required course, the faculty has prepared a course template which expresses more detailed course objectives seen as constituent parts of the broader degree objective. All instances of these courses, whether taught by permanent faculty or adjuncts are to be taught in accord with these templates. M.T.E. graduates should:

  1. Exhibit an introductory graduate-level understanding of the Bible’s content, contexts, structure, and message; and demonstrate the ability to conduct solid research with a goal of properly applying the Bible to modern life. (S1112, S1113, S1312, S1313, S2521)
  2. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian historical, theological, and ethical frameworks commonly held in the believers’ church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God’s glory. (L1111, L1112, L1211, L1212, L1411)
  3. Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Christian ethical framework commonly held in the believers’ church tradition to sustain ministerial leadership to God’s glory. (L1411)
  4. Understand and establish appropriate life and ministry focus, priorities, and boundaries. (P1111, P1116)
  5. Identify and affirm God’s shaping of the student as to calling, ministry giftedness, strengths and growth edges, and personality dynamics. (P1121-22)

M.T.E. 神學必備碩士學位目標為課程的核心提供了廣泛的陳述。每個碩士學位目標都包括神學必備碩士課程。對於每門必修課程,教師都準備了一個課程模板,該模板表達了更詳細的課程目標,這些目標被視為更廣泛的學位目標組成。所有課程的實例,無論是由永久性教授或兼任教授傳授,都應按照這些模板進行。目標簡述如下:  

1. 聖經神學: 對聖經內容、背景、結構和信息的入門理解, 表現出紮實的研究能力, 將聖經正確應用于生活, (舊約概論 I, II; 新約概論 I, II; 基礎釋經學) 。

2. 歷史神學: 對教會傳統的基督教歷史、神學、以及倫理有足夠的了解, 在領導事奉中榮耀神。

 (教會歷史 I, II; 基督教神學 I, II; 浸信會傳統與實踐) 。

3. 基督教倫理: 表現出對信徒教會傳統中普遍持有的基督教倫理框架有足夠的了解, 足以在領導事工中榮耀神, (基督教倫理學) 。

4. 事奉定位: 理解並建立適當的生活和事奉重點、優先和界線, (事奉操練入門; 事奉操練回顧) 。

5. 事奉領導: 識別並肯定神在呼召、恩賜、長處和成長潛力以及個性的塑造, (事奉領導實習) 。

Essential Leadership Competencies 基本領導能力 

The mission of Gateway Seminary to shape Christian leaders has led our faculty to develop Essential Leadership Competencies (ELCs) that students need to cultivate in their pursuit of maturity as Christian leaders and effectiveness in ministry. These ELCs have informed the creation of degree and course objectives and serve as a touch stone to which students are referred as they move through their academic program(s).

金門神學院的使命是塑造基督徒領袖, 促使教授群以開發基本領導能力Essential Leadership Competencies (ELCs), 培養學生成為成熟有果效的領袖, 為學位和課程目標提供依據, 並作為完成學位時參考的試金石。

Vocational Roles 事奉目標 

The M.T.E. does not attempt to prepare students for a specific vocational role in the church, but seeks to provide the biblical and theological foundation needed for all ministry. In addition, the MTE degree requirements intentionally overlap with several 2-year specialized master’s degrees (M.A.E.L., M.G.E., M.A.I.S., M.A.C.C., M.T.S.) and with the M.Div., allowing a student who completes the M.T.E. to then progress to several degrees which provide focused vocational ministry preparation.

神學必備碩士M.T.E.是為所有事奉提供必備的聖經和神學基礎裝備, 學科是神學研究碩士 (M.T.S.)和道學碩士 (M.Div.) 包括的核心科目, 完成神學必備碩士可以進一步深造專業碩士學位。

Prerequisites 入學資格

An appropriate accredited bachelor’s degree or its equivalent is required.


Course Requirements必修課程

School of Theology神學Course#Hours
Old Testament Introduction I舊約概論 IS11123
Old Testament Introduction II舊約概論 IIS11133
New Testament Introduction I新約概論 IS13123
New Testament Introduction II新約概論 IIS13133
Biblical Hermeneutics基礎釋經學S25212
Church History I教會歷史 IL11113
Church History II教會歷史 IIL11123
Baptist Heritage and Practice浸信會傳統與實踐L11132
Christian Theology I基督教神學 IL12113
Christian Theology II基督教神學 IIL12123
Christian Ethics基督教倫理學L14112
School of Christian Leadership領導Course#Hours
Introduction to Ministry Formation*事奉操練入門P11111
Reflection on Ministry Formation*事奉操練回顧P11161
Leadership in Ministry Practicum I & II**事奉領導實習P1121-224+

畢業基本學分Minimum hours to graduate 36P1111學生必需在入學第一學期或第二學期修課, P1116必需在最後一個學期或之前學期修畢。

*P1111 must be taken in the student’s first or second semester. P1116 must be taken in the student’s last or next to last semester.

** P1121 and P1122 must be taken in two consecutive terms. A total of 4 semester-hours credit for the courses will be given at the end of the second term. No credit is earned if both courses are not completed. Students must remain in the same Peer Reflection Group for the two terms. These are variable credit courses with a maximum of 4 semester-hours available for each semester.

For full-time student verification, students must be registered for 9 semester hours in any given semester and 24 hours for the year. VA students, please see the Registrar for full-time student verification and additional information.

* P1111學生必需在入學第一學期或第二學期修課, P1116必需在最後一個學期或之前學期修畢。

** P1121和P1122必需連續修課兩學期, 在第二學期末, 總共修到4個學分, 如果兩個課程都沒有完成, 則沒有學分。這兩個學期學生必需留在同一個同儕反思小組中, 彈性學分課程,每個學期最多可得4學分。

為滿足全時間學生要求, 學生每學期必需修課9個學分, 一年24個學分。後備軍人學生, 請向註冊辦公室查詢全時間學生要求和其他信息。




Master of Theological Essentials: