21S2 CLL1113 Baptist Heritage and Practice 浸信會傳統與體制

S2 Term (Apr-Jun) 2021
Meeting Online Monday 7:30-10PM (PST) 4/5-6/21

Rev. Gideon Lee 李業基牧師


This course is a study of Baptist origins, development, doctrines, confessions, polity, leaders, and current trends.



Upon completion of this course the student as minister-leader-historian will be able to:

  1. Explain at an introductory level the historical foundations of following Christ in relationship to the local church and broader faith community, specifically from a Baptist perspective, and then join in the kingdom purposes by seeking to communicate the gospel in specific contexts.
  2. Describe and explain basic aspects of the progression of Baptist history in general and the Southern Baptist Convention in particular.
  3. Give evidence of an understanding of the “Believer’s Church” tradition against the background of the historical development of ecclesiology in this period of the Church’s history.
  4. Articulate an understanding of leadership qualities and characteristics evidenced in significant Baptist leaders of the past and relate their applicability to one’s own potential in the present.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to apply critical and analytical methodology to historical study.
  6. Reflect familiarity with a variety of historical Baptist resources, and demonstrate the ability (where applicable) to utilize these in his or her own ministry.
  7. Interpret for others insights from this particular stream of believers.


  1. 對地方教會和更廣泛的信仰社群跟隨基督的歷史做一個初階程度的解釋,尤其是浸信會如何在獨有的語境中承擔天國的使命。
  2. 描述和解釋浸信會基本的歷史發展,特別是美南浸信會的發展。
  3. 在教會學的歷史發展背景之上,現今的教會時代中,了解信徒教會的傳統。
  4. 明確理解過去浸信會主要領袖具備的素質,並將其適用性聯繫與自身的潛質。
  5. 展示應用批判和分析方法學於歷史研究的能力。
  6. 熟悉各種關於浸信會的歷史資源,並有能力用這些資源在其本職事工中。
  7. 向其他教會傳統的人解釋浸信會信徒的見解。

Course Syllabus 課程大綱