New Tuition Rates and Service Recommendations

New Tuition

To cope with the underlying increase in administrative fee and technological cost, CIOML will increase tuition charge by 20% starting Fall 2022. The new 3-credit regular course tuition will be:

Crosspoint Member: $120/course (or $40/credit unit)

SBC Church Member: $180/course (or $60/credit unit)

Non-SBC Church Member: $240/course (or $80/credit unit)

Service Recommendations

To help reduce expense, we are recommending two highly affordable services to our students.

The first recommended service is the Perlego online library ( Perlego contains over 900,000 academic works that students can accessible anywhere anytime, including many required textbooks and references used by the courses. Whenever given a choice, CIOML instructors will give priority to academic works available on Perlego. The Perlego library is useful for any research paper projects.

Another recommended service is the Zondervan MasterLectures series ( With video lectures of over a hundred of seminary-level courses, the MasterLectures series supplements the CIOML live Zoom meeting experience with additional in-depth learning. CIOML courses will feature excerpts of the Zondervan video courses that students with MasterLectures subscription can finish viewing at their own pace.