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A missionary couple called to minister among Cantonese in SE Asia will join the Baptist Heritage and Practice course on the evening of June 8 at 8PM to share perspectives on missions and the operation of the International Mission Board (IMB). The session on June 8 is open to all interested.

《事工領導經驗: 信仰與理性》利用金燈台事工的辯道學研討會系列,作為引導學習經驗的啓動點。「信仰與理性 」在線研討會系列將有五次會議,從2021年7月30日至9月3日,每周五晚上5-7點。 除了參加研討會外,本課程的學生還將在9月3日舉行會後彙報會。根據出席情況、筆記、會後對話和個人反思論文,它給ADVANCE學生一個學術學分。這是一個公開課程,歡迎還未入讀本院的朋友免費參加。 要獲得一學分,可在完成規定功課後支付學費($35),免報名費申請成為本院學員。

Ministry Leadership Experience: Faith and Reason is designed to utilize the content of an apologetic seminar series, Faith and Reason, organized by the Golden Lampstand Ministry as a launching point for a guided learning experience.  The seminar series will have five meetings, every Friday evening, 5-7PM, from July 30 to August 27, 2021.  In addition to attending the seminars, the students of this course will have a post-conference debriefing on September 3. This course gives ADVANCE students one academic credit based on attendance, notes, the post-conference dialogue, and a personal reflection paper. 

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理解和教授創世記的短期課程。 課程建立在6月由匯點教會主辦黃福光博士(香港浸信會神學院舊約聖經教授)主講的聖經講座上,使學員加深對講座材料的理解,並思考如何在教學中傳遞這種理解。 除了在參加6/18和 6/25兩個星期五晚上7-10PM(PST)的聖經講座外,學員需要在講座前閱讀一些背景材料,並在7/7月星期五晚上參加第三個的會議,對他們所學的觀點進行反思。 課程公開,歡迎還未入讀本院的朋友免費參加。 要獲得一學分,可在完成規定功課後支付學費($35),免報名費申請成為本院學員。


Ministry Leadership Experience: Understanding and Teaching Genesis is designed to utilize the content of the “Origin of the Heavens and the Earth” bible conference as a launching point for a guided learning experience. This free bible conference to be held on Friday June 18 and Friday June 25, 2021 on Zoom, together with an exclusive debriefing for students this course on Friday July 7, 2021 on Zoom, gives one (1) CIOML academic credit based on attendance, notes, a post conference dialogue, and a personal reflection paper.

A participant may join this short course free of charge. To earn the CIOML credit, the participant must complete the coursework requirement and pay the course tuition ($35). The regular CIOML application fee normally charged on entering students is waived for participants of this short course.

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