CLL 1212 Christian Theology II 基督教神學(二)

Fall 2022

Zoom Classroom Zoom

Thursday class: 5-7:30pm (Cantonese) 週四班:晚上 5-7:30(粵語)

9/15/2022-12/8/2022 (12 sessions)

15 hours of additional online video and exercises 15 小時在線視頻和練習

Instructor: Dr. Terry Fung 教授: 馮嘉樂牧師

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An introduction of Christian Theology surveying the doctrines of Christ, Salvation, the Spirit, the Church, and Eschatology, including an additional focus on the ethical implications of Christian thought and practice.

系統神學(二) 涵蓋下列基督教教義: 基督、救恩、聖靈、教會和末世論的教義,包括對基督教思想和實踐的倫理影響。


Upon the successful completion of this course, students should be better able to: 成功完成本課程後,學生應該能夠更好地:

  1. Express a clear understanding of the major Christian doctrines. 表達對主要基督教教義的清晰理解。
  2. Employ a theological method that includes Biblical exegesis, historical developments, philosophical insight, and experiential reality to articulate Biblical truth with accuracy, clarity and coherence; 採用一種神學方法,包括聖經註釋、歷史發展、哲學洞察力和經驗現實,以準確、清晰和連貫地闡明聖經真理;
  3. Be knowledgeable of a variety of theological approaches and methodologies; 了解各種神學門徑和方法;
  4. Articulate their own personal theological positions; and 闡明自己的個人神學立場;和
  5. Function as responsible pastoral theologians in applying Christian truth to contemporary life. 作為負責任的牧者神學家,將基督教真理應用於當代生活。

These objectives will be measured by class discussion, written exams, and research and writing. 這些目標將通過課堂討論、筆試、研究和寫作來衡量。