CLE1310 Ministry of Leadership and Administration 事工領導和管理

Tuesday class: 7:30-10pm (Cantonese) 週二班:晚上 7:30-10(粵語)

May 3 – August 9: total 14 classes 5 月 3 日至 8 月 9日:共 14 節課

10 hours of online video and exercises 10 小時在線視頻和練習

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Terry Fung 教授: 馮嘉樂博士/牧師

An introduction to the basic principles and methods of church management and polity. Unique aspects of biblical leadership and administration will be applied to the ministries and functions of a local church. Attention will also be given to leading in parachurch organizations and denominational agencies. Current resources and techniques will be examined.