Presentation events are typically special presentations that are part of a regular course but are open for all to attend.  The presentations may feature special guests, student research reports, or ministry project reports.

 課程簡介 (Course Description):

為教會牧師、長老、執事有志從事職場牧養事工的基督徒領袖,提供開拓職場牧養新機會的實際可行的建議和聖經基礎。Provide practical suggestions and biblical foundation about marketplace pastoral ministries to Christian leaders who are serving as pastors, elders, and deacons. 

第一講 : 職場牧養新契機 New Opportunities in Marketplace Pastoral Ministries

第二講:職場難處與解決之道 Problems and Solutions in the Marketplace

第三講:支援職場基督徒的秘訣 Secrets of Supporting Marketplace Christians

第四講:教會牧養職場良方 Marketplace Pastoral Strategies for Churches 

第五講:職場宣教好時機 Great Opportunities in Marketplace Missions

美洲時間:2021105-112日 每週二 

美西午4:30-6:30 ( 美中晚6:30-8:30 /)

Every Tuesday 10/5-11/2 4:30-6:30PM Pacific Time

(共五講/國語授課 5 lectures in Mandarin)

This is a free course. But CIOML students have the option of earning 1-credit by writing a summary reflection paper at the end of the course.

A missionary couple called to minister among Cantonese in SE Asia will join the Baptist Heritage and Practice course on the evening of June 8 at 8PM to share perspectives on missions and the operation of the International Mission Board (IMB). The session on June 8 is open to all interested.