CIOML provides contextualized leadership development for ministry workers serving among overseas Chinese who have Cantonese, Mandarin, and English as their native tongues.  Established according to the ADVANCE ministry preparation program offered by Gateway seminary, CIOML offers certificate and diploma programs for members of Crosspoint Church and ministry leaders of other churches affiliated with our Baptist associations, conventions, and Chinese fellowships. The ADVANCE program offers the most essential elements of a seminary education for ministry leaders who find it less preferable to enroll in a full-time master-level seminary program distant from their ministry context and using English as the instructional language. With overseas Chinese as the broader ministry context and the Cantonese-speaking immigrants in the Bay area as the most immediate audience, CIOML equips ministry leaders for evangelism, discipleship, children education, pastoral and church ministries.

In accordance to the design of the ADVANCE ministry program, CIOML seeks to enable all students to:

  • Demonstrate courageous growth in obedience to and love for Jesus and His ways.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of Scripture and its faithful interpretation and application.
  • Demonstrate a life lived in connection to and service within a church and its associational, national, and global missional networks.
  • Demonstrate a focused sense of giftedness, passion, and competence in ministry.
  • Demonstrate a passion for local and global fulfillment of the Great Commission.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to relate effectively with people.
  • Demonstrate a relevant vision and plan for a specific context of service.

Students applying for admission to CIOML are required to:

  • Be age 21 or above, although exceptions can be granted.
  • Be a member of a good standing in a Christian church.
  • Have been a Christian for more than a year and feel called to serve in ministry.


匯點事工領袖學院(Crosspoint Institute of Ministry Leadership 簡稱CIOML)成立的宗旨是提供聖經、歷史和實用神學的事工領袖裝備。匯點事工領袖學院由金門神學院和矽谷匯點教會合辦,透過現場和在線的證書及文憑課程,為海外各地以中英雙語為主的教會事工領袖已設立。 


  • 對耶穌的愛和教導勇於順服和增長。
  • 對聖經的知識、詮釋和應用有掌握。
  • 對隸屬之教會、聯會和各種全國性的的差傳事工有聯繫和實質參與。
  • 對個人事奉的恩賜、愛好和能力有認知。
  • 對大使命在本地與環球的落實有熱枕。
  • 對人際關係善於建立。
  • 對所處的工場有本色化的異象和計劃。


  • 21歲或以上(在特殊情況下可豁免)。
  • 是一個基督教教會的成員,並且保持履行會員的義務。
  • 成為基督徒已經一年以上,並且對事奉有呼召。