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以下是Gateway ADVANCE項目提供的所有課程清單。 許多課程在其他ADVANCE中心有,但CIOML不提供。 如果你有興趣在其他中心學習這些課程,請訪問ADVANCE網頁。 如果你希望看到CIOML提供有這裏列出的課程,我們歡迎你的建議。

Biblical Studies 

CLS 1114 Old Testament Survey – 3 hours 

This course is a foundational introduction to the content, background, interpretations, and critical studies  of the Old Testament, with a survey and study of each of the books of the Old Testament. 

CLS 1314 New Testament Survey – 3 hours 

An introduction to the background, content, careful examination, and interpretation of the New  Testament. 

CLS 2100 Exegesis in the Old Testament – 3 hours 

An intensive study designed to further the student’s competency in exegesis and understanding the  content, background, and message of the Old Testament. This will be done through the select  examination of one representative book from each of the three divisions of the Hebrew canon of the Old  Testament: Torah, Prophets, and Writings. 

CLS 2300 Exegesis in the New Testament – 3 hours 

An intensive study of the background and content of the Book of Acts and a gospel or a Major Epistle.  Special emphasis on the history and development of the early church. along with the resulting problems.  Attention will be paid to finding valid applications to modern ministry. 

CLS 2316 Preaching the New Testament – 3 hours 

An investigation and application of the principles of exegesis, hermeneutics, and homiletical method to  the distinctive literary genre of the New Testament. The course stresses the application of method for  the construction of sermons which effectively communicate the biblical text. 

CLS 2324 The Gospel According to John – 3 hours 

An exegetical study of the Fourth Gospel, its background, and message. 

CLS 2352 Book of Revelation – 3 hours 

A study of the message of the Book of Revelation in light of its background and purpose. Special  emphasis will be placed on analyzing the different methods of interpretation. 

CLS 2521 How to Understand the Bible/Biblical Hermeneutics – 3 hours 

A laboratory course designed to help the student learn to apply the recognized principles of biblical  interpretation to the study and use of biblical literature.

Christian Life and Thought 

CLL 1111 Survey of Christian History – 3 hours 

This course presents an overview of the history of Christianity from the Patristic period to the current  age of Global Christianity with the purpose of providing insights into the past that will enhance the  student’s growth in ministry leadership in the present and future. 

CLL 1113 Baptist Heritage and Practice – 3 hours 

This course is a study of Baptist origins, development, doctrines, confessions, polity, leaders, and  current trends. This course emphasizes the history and state of Southern Baptist (SBC) life relative to the  cultural context of the ADVANCE/CLD center offering the course. 

CLL 1211 Christian Theology I – 3 hours 

An introduction to Christian Theology focusing on its nature, task, method, and application followed by a survey  of the doctrines of Revelation, the Triune God, Creation, Humanity, and Sin. 

CLL 1212 Christian Theology II – 3 hours 

An introduction to Christian theology, surveying the doctrines of Christ, Salvation, the Spirit, the  Church, and Eschatology, including an additional focus on the ethical implications of Christian thought  and practice. 

CLL 2132 History of the Bible – 3 hours 

A Study of the English Bible from its beginning to modern English translation. Emphasis will be placed  on the history, development, characteristics, and contributions of various English translations. 

Educational Leadership 

CLE 1112 Life Span Development – 3 hours 

In an overview of developmental psychology, this course gives a comparison of various theories of  development as they apply to practice in our churches. 

CLE 1113 Principles and Approaches to Bible Teaching – 3 hours 

This course includes a study of the principles and methods of preparation, delivery, and evaluation for  effective Bible teaching in diverse cultural settings. The course content includes a discussion of  appropriate handling of the text and effective application of biblical principles. Attention will be given  to learning styles and appropriate teaching methodology.

CLE 1211 Public Speaking for Christian Educators – 3 hours 

A practicum dealing with the complete analysis and performance of the speaking task in the context of a  church education program. Attention is given to content as well as context for motivational speaking,  conferences, devotions, and public announcements. 

CLE 1312 Ministry Leadership – 3 hours 

An introduction to basic principles and methods of leadership. Unique aspects of biblical leadership as  applied to church, parachurch organizations, and denomination will be explored. Current resources and  techniques are examined. 

CLE 1313 Women’s Ministry Leadership – 3 hours 

The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities for students to relate basic principles of leadership  to their personal and professional lives and to examine and analyze the biblical foundation of servant  leadership. Approaches to leadership, mentoring, and leadership essentials such as communication,  group leading, relationships, and conflict management as they relate to women in leadership will be  addressed. 

CLE 14111 Principles of Church Growth – 3 hours 

The purpose of this course is to explore the meaning of church growth and to prepare students to lead  churches to grow both numerically and spiritually. The study will focus on church educational tasks and  structures, and how these can be used to reach people. Emphasis is on the “how to” of implementing the  Great Commission in a particular location. 

CLE 1412 The Educational Ministry of the Church – 3 hours 

An examination of the rationale for the ministry of Christian education. The study focuses on what is  happening to people through the principles and methods of organizing, administering, promoting, and  improving the education strategy of the local church. 

CLE 2117 Conflict Management in Ministry – 3 hours 

A study of various types of conflict found in the local church and the dynamics of ministering in the  midst of conflict. Emphasis will be placed on examining a biblical approach to understanding conflict,  identifying causes of conflict, and developing strategies in preventing and resolving conflict. Tools for  assessing individuals and systems that contribute to conflict, creating pastoral care interventions for  redemptive management, and minimizing the destructive consequences of church conflict will be  studied. 

CLE 2311 Strategic Planning for Kingdom Growth – 3 hours 

This course is designed to train ministry leaders to plan in strategic ways. A four-fold process is used  which includes developing the organization’s mission and vision, discovering its core values, and  designing a strategy to accomplish the ministry and vision.

CLE 2319 Leading and Equipping Teams/Volunteers – 3 hours 

This course will explore the essential elements for managing volunteers in a local church. The concepts  of volunteer recruiting, marketing, training, motivation, evaluation and recognition will be  covered. Leadership of volunteers will be explored as integral to the success of the ministry of the local  church. 

CLE 2371 Making Disciples – 3 hours 

This course explores the process of spiritual development as well as methods of discipleship practice in  the church. Students will examine the biblical backgrounds of discipleship and the role of spiritual  disciplines, community, development of spiritual gifts, and accountability in spiritual growth. 

CLE 2412 Church Administration and Growth – 3 hours 

An introduction to basic principles and methods of organizing/administration of the small  church. Unique aspects of biblical administration/organization and leadership in the small church (under  110 in attendance) will be explored. Current resources and techniques are examined. 

CLE 2611 Introduction to Early Childhood Education – 3 hours 

An introduction to early childhood education for the purpose of developing church preschools and child care programs to minister to young children through the local church. It includes an examination of the  history and philosophy of early childhood practice, developmentally appropriate curriculum, stimulating  learning environments, effective teaching methods and classroom management. 

CLE 2613 Ministry to Children – 3 hours 

A study of child development with implications for religious instruction. Organizations for children in  grades 1-6 will be studied. 

CLE 2999 Ministry Leadership Experience – 1-3 hours 

Ministry Leadership Experience is designed to utilize the content of various conferences as a launching  point for a guided learning experience. The conference attended gives ADVANCE students academic  credit based on attendance, notes, a post conference dialogue, and a personal reflection  paper. (Conference registration and conference fees normally do not include course registration and  course tuition). 

Intercultural Studies 

CLI 1211 Introduction to Missions – 3 hours 

This course is an introduction to missiology that seeks to develop in the student a creative understanding  of mission as practiced in an international context. Emphasis will be given on helping students  understand their own future ministry and how it can relate to global missions.

CLI 1311 Basic Evangelism – 3 hours 

A study of evangelism, including the biblical basis, historical methods, practical application, and  principles for building an evangelistic church. The class lays a foundation for effectively sharing the  gospel anywhere. 

CLI 1313 Introduction to Church Planting – 3 hours 

An intensive study of the essential aspects of church planting. Major attention will be given to theology,  methodologies, and models of new church starts, with emphasis on continuing growth. 

CLI 1351 Missions, Evangelism, and Church Planting – 3 hours 

This course covers an understanding of the church as sent by Christ into a lost world and as the church  sending itself and its members out into the world locally and globally. It entails a brief history of  missions, NAMB (North American Mission Board) and IMB (International Mission Board), and current  missiology. Central to the course is how to lead others to Christ and to teach others to do likewise.  Various types of evangelism and their effectiveness in different contexts will be discussed and personal  and group plans for evangelism will be developed. It covers the basics and various methods of when and  how to start new churches. 

CLI 2264 Reaching Unreached People Groups – 3 hours 

This course covers the essentials for identifying, researching, adopting, interceding for, and laying  strategies for reaching an unreached people with the gospel. A practical course, it guides students  through the networking process of mobilizing a local church and Great Commission Christians to see a  church movement in a particular people group. 

CLI 2324 Working with Small Groups – 3 hours 

A course dealing with the biblical background of small groups and their role in Christian history. It will  examine the dynamics of small groups and evaluate contemporary models of Christian house groups,  such as the House Church. The focus is upon how small groups have been used effectively in reaching  people and beginning new work. Students will be exposed to “how to start a small group.” 

CLI 2352 Developing a Church Plant – 3 hours 

This is an intensive study of current methodology in starting new churches with major attention given to  the best ways to initiate new congregations and how to nurture these new congregations to become self sustaining and reproducing churches.  

CLI 2999 Ministry Leadership Experience – 1-3 hours 

Ministry Leadership Experience is designed to utilize the content of various conferences as a launching  point for a guided learning experience. The conference attended gives ADVANCE students academic  credit based on attendance, notes, a post conference dialogue, and a personal reflection 

paper. (Conference registration and conference fees normally do not include course registration and  course tuition). 

Leadership Formation 

CLM 1911 Introduction to Church Music – 3 hours 

A study of the ministry of music in the local church including historical background, purpose,  leadership, function, and application.  

CLP 1111 Foundations of Ministry – 3 hours 

An entry course designed to assist students in developing the necessary personal, spiritual, and  ministerial foundations for lifelong ministry. Students will engage in assessment of their gifts and  passions in ministry and will encounter some basic approaches to effective ministry, such as strategic,  financial, and physical planning for ministry; communication and relational skills; and team and staff  building. 

CLP 1115 Spiritual and Leadership Formation – 3 hours 

An introduction to basic leadership principles and methods. Unique aspects of spiritual and leadership  formation related to the church (including multicultural settings and global perspectives) and  denomination will be explored. Current resources and techniques will be examined. 

CLP 1411 Introduction to Preaching – 3 hours 

This course covers planning, preparation, and presentation skills in preaching and teaching with an  emphasis on learning by doing. It also covers learning styles, how to preach and teach for  transformation, and how to communicate to different age groups and cultures. 

CLP 1511 Pastoral Ministry – 3 hours 

A study of pastoral ministry with an emphasis on the understanding and nature of pastoral work and  pastoral care within the local church setting. Topics include: the basis of pastoral ministry, the tasks of  pastoral ministry, and the concerns of pastoral ministry. 

CLP 1512 Introduction to Christian Counseling – 3 hours 

This course helps the student to understand the nature of Christian counseling while learning the practice  of counseling at a beginning level. Students are introduced to Christian counseling values, goals, and  processes while engaged in the classroom practice of counseling. Cognitive and behavioral approaches  in agreement with Scriptural principles are applied in the multicultural learning process. 

CLP 1514 Basics of Counseling – 3 hours 

This course will enhance students’ potential to respond effectively and redemptively to persons  struggling with emotional, relational, and spiritual problems. Practical exercises will enable students to  apply concepts learned in the course.

CLP 1611 Introduction to Worship – 3 hours 

This course equips the student to become a Christian leader who knows how to worship and knows how  to help others to worship. The course introduces the core biblical principles of worship theology and  practice in order to better guide the student in understanding the role of worship within ministry,  Christian formation, and outreach in contemporary culture. The student will have opportunities to gain a  deeper empirical understanding of Christian worship in design, implementation, and practice.  

CLP 1916 Worship and Music in the Faith Community – 3 hours 

This course is designed to be a study of the meaning of worship in Christianity including theology,  historical background, purpose, leadership, function and applications. Beginning with an assessment of  the student’s worship history and understanding, the course will then move into the study of the biblical,  historical, and theological origins of worship. The course will proceed to develop the student’s concepts  of the role of worship in contemporary culture as well as Christian nurture and outreach. The course is  intentionally inclusive of the topic of Christian spirituality and devotion in the life of the individual  worshiper and the faith community. 

CLP 2000 Women’s Ministry – 3 hours 

This course is an introduction to both the biblical basis and practical application of ministries for  women. Special attention is given to developing a comprehensive approach to a specific area of ministry  to women. 

CLP 2001 Women in Biblical Perspective – 3 hours 

This course is a study of passages in the Old Testament and New Testament related to women.  Specifically, the course will examine the roles of women in the Bible. It will encourage the student to  develop an understanding of biblical womanhood that will influence one’s perspective in ministry and in  life.  

CLP 2002 Contemporary Issues for Women in Ministry – 3 hours 

This course will equip students to respond redemptively and effectively to people struggling with issues  related to women in the church and in ministry. Course content will include teaching and discipling of  women. Students will be encouraged to understand a broad range of perspectives related to ministry to  

women in the church and in various contexts and challenged to grow in their personal convictions  related to ministry application. 

CLP 2131 Ministry of Supervision – 3 hours 

A study of the principles and dynamics of supervision as they relate to ministry staff and  volunteers. The course focuses on supervision as ministry and investigates models of supervision,  stages and systems in supervision, authority and accountability, guidance and direction, motivation, and  conflict in the process of supervision.

CLP 2421 Planned Pulpit Leadership – 3 hours 

This course offers instruction in planning an annual preaching menu. Sermonic elements such as variety,  continuity, and balance will be discussed. Advantages of series preaching, seasonal messages, and  conservation of material (filing) will be considered. Special occasion messages for funerals, weddings,  ordinances, and dedications will be prepared and presented. Exposure to experienced and effective  pastors will be sought. 

CLP 2511 Ministering in Crisis Situations – 3 hours 

A study of crisis intervention strategies as they relate to pastoral care ministry of the church. Students  are given the opportunity to intensively study problem areas of special interest to them. 

CLP 2514 Addiction Ministry – 3 hours 

An introduction to issues and concerns of substance and behavioral pattern addiction from a pastoral  care perspective, with specific attention to ministry for those affected by addictions. The course will  explore the dynamics of addiction and recovery, various forms of addictions, approaches to recovery,  and the church’s role in preventing addictions and promoting recovery. 

CLP 2532 Marriage and Family Counseling – 3 hours 

An intensive study of the special needs for ministry to marriages and family life. Special attention is  given to premarital work, marriage enrichment, marriage counseling, health family life and counseling  the family as a system. 

CLP 2554 Introduction to Chaplaincy – 3 hours 

An introduction to the origins, principles, duties, responsibilities and practices of the ministry of the  chaplain. Emphasis will be given to helping students understand the ministry opportunities and  demands of a variety of chaplain ministries. The course will address how chaplaincy relates to the local  church and the denomination, biblical ministry in a pluralistic environment, ministry in a non-church  setting, and identifying particular ministry opportunities. 

CLP 1121, CLP 1122 Leadership in Ministry Practicum I & II – 4 hours 

The Leadership in Ministry Practicum course offers two consecutive semesters of experiential learning  in leadership, ministry skills, and personal growth through field education and classroom reflection.  Students design their own learning goals for the course through negotiating a covenant of learning with  their field mentor and professor. The student serves a minimum of 8 hours per week for 30 consecutive  weeks in an approved ministry setting (church, ministry, or agency), with an approved field mentor,  spiritual formation mentor, and ministry reflection group. The class meets weekly as a peer reflection  group.

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