CLE 2117 Conflict Management in Ministry 處理衝突 (Summer 2023)


CLE 2117 Conflict Management in Ministry (Cantonese)
處理衝突 (粵語)
2023 Summer Semester 夏季學期
Zoom Classroom Zoom 講座
Instructor: Dr Terry Fung 教授: 馮嘉樂牧師
Email 電郵
Tuesday class: 7:30-9:30pm (US Pacific time)
週二班:晚上 7:30-9:30(美國太平洋時間)
5/9/2023 – 7/25/2023 (12 sessions)
And 27 hours of online video and exercises 27小時在線視頻和練習


A study of various types of conflict found in the local church and the dynamics of ministering in the midst of conflict. Emphasis will be placed on examining a biblical approach to understanding conflict, identifying causes of conflict, and developing strategies in preventing and resolving conflict. Tools for assessing individuals and systems that contribute to conflict, creating pastoral care interventions for redemptive management, and minimizing the destructive consequences of church conflict will be studied.


Upon the successful completion of this course, the student should: 成功完成本課程後,學生應該:

  1. Appreciate the value of resolving conflict in the church. 重視解決教會衝突的價值。
  2. Identify reasons for conflicts within the church. 確定教會內部衝突的原因。
  3. Explore what scripture says concerning conflict management. 探索經文對沖突管理的看法。
  4. Demonstrate basic skills in conflict negotiation and resolution. 展示衝突談判和解決的基本技能。
  5. Evaluate appropriate strategies in resolving conflict. 評估解決衝突的適當策略。
  6. Develop a personal philosophy of confronting conflict. 培養一種面對沖突的個人哲學。
  7. Commit themselves to being ministers of reconciliation. 致力於成為和解的傳道者。