Announcement Syllabus 學院消息


我們將提供一個關于理解和教授創世記的短期課程。 該課程建立在6月由匯點教會主辦香港浸信會神學院舊約聖經教授黃福光博士主講的聖經講座上[聖經講座 – 天地根源(粵) – Crosspoint Church (],使學員加深對講座材料的理解,並思考如何在教學中傳遞這種理解。 除了在參加6/18,6/25兩個星期五晚上7-10PM的聖經講座外,學生還需要在座前閱讀一些背景材料,並在7/7月參加第三個星期五晚上的會議,對他們所學的觀點進行反思。 課程為1學分。 歡迎沒有參加過CIOML的人參加這個課程,CIOML的報名費將被免除。

We will offer a short course about understanding and teaching the creation account in Genesis. Built upon a bible conference [聖經講座 – 天地根源(粵) – Crosspoint Church (] to be hosted by Crosspoint Church in June featuring Dr. Fook Kong Wong (Old Testament Professor, Hong Kong Baptist Seminary. This course will allow students to deeper the understanding of lecture materials and reflect on ways to deliver that in teaching. In addition to attending the bible conference on 6/18 and 6/25 7-10PM, students will be required to read some background materials before the conference, attend a 7/7 session meeting 7-10PM to present reflections of what they learn. The course is 1-credit. People who have not been enrolled to CIOML are welcome to join this course and the admission fee to CIOML will be waived.

Official Syllabus: